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Has nothing to do with Indie Rock. India Rock refers to the anachronistic subculture that surrounds worshipping and extolling washed out western rock bands in India. Pink Floyd, Def Leppard, Deep Purple, Metallica, Judas Priest are still big on engineering campuses in India.

This phenomenon prompted Indian author Karan M to write:

"What’s funnier is that these “heavy” bands were passed down from generation to generation largely by earnest, bespectacled engineering students, so that, overnight, in grade nine, a certain segment of nerdy science kids began trading cassettes and analyzing the line-breaks in Metallica’s lyrics and headbanging to their homework. Why these bands in particular, I can’t say. What I do know is that tastes in India could remain static for years because rock music wasn’t viewed as a rejection of the previous generation, as it is in America: just listening to rock music was rebellion enough. Nor did we have the window into American cool that is now available through the internet. It’s amazing to think that our subcultures developed in such a scarcity of western music"


I was devastated to discover that my idol, the Canadian rock star Bryan Adams, is widely ridiculed by critics in America. How strange that the canon of rock music I’d imbibed so eagerly in India ("India Rock") was irrelevant by the time I moved to the United States for college in 2001: my American friends had little or no interest in Deep Purple, Slayer, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, the Doors, Def Leppard or Iron Maiden, bands whose albums I had owned out of cultural obligation.
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