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A "supari killer" is a hitman, an individual contracted to murder, i.e. "supari killer" is slang for the English term "contract killer". But why supari -- that habit-forming, rather benign, slightly bitter, beetle nut edible packaged and sold everywhere in India? a) Supari killers keep their cool while committing deadly deeds by chewing supari, b) Supari is hard and cold, just like a supari killer, c) Supari killing is habit-forming, just like supari.


Mumbai: Jobless man turns supari killer

"On March 21, 2011 Mumbai Mirror reported that unemployed and desperate for money, Goregaon resident Dharmesh Sharma, 40, shot dead on Saturday afternoon 75-year-old Angare Pujari, who ran a gambling den in the area. Sharma carried out the hit allegedly on the instructions of underworld don Hemant Pujari. According to the police, around 1 pm, Sharma went to the cake shop owned by the victim on S V Road, Goregaon and asked for him. When Pujari identified himself, he shot at him, the bullet piercing Pujari’s neck, killing him on the spot".

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