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\Jaa Nuh Vaa Sum\
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Janavasam is the Tamil (notably TamBrahm ) equivalent of a North Indian Baraat.

In the good ol'days, the groom's party (usually half his village) traveled to the bride's village and sauntered through the main thoroughfare for the whole village to do a dekko before repairing for the festivities.

The need for this quaint ritual no longer exists, but us desis cannot give up rituals simsimply because it is no longer necessary. Instead we build even an more spectacular and bizzare Kabuki theater around them.


> if you see a whole gaggle of mamis and mamas bedecked & bejeweled in Kanjeevarams, 30 Savran Gold and smelling like a Jasmine garden at 4.00 in the morning, are in a Janavasam

> If you see a Chevy Impala convertible from the 70s decked with flowers or, if you are lucky, a real wooden flotilla platform propelled by a rickshaw, are in a Janavasam

> If you see a brass band playing long forgotten movie numbers, are in a Janavasam

> if you see irate honking traffic snaking behind this procession with nowhere to go, are in a Janavasam

..and finally

> If you see a visibly mortified young man in an ill-fitting suit, holding a cauliflower covered in gold foil and sitting in the middle of this procession like Ganpathi on his way to immersion,
...then he is the groom and you are in a Janavasam

Janavasam is probably the #1 reason why die-vorce rates are so low in India. No one in their right mind would want to remarry and go through that process again


US Return Groom (Ruefully): When they told me I would be wearing a suit and riding in the back of a convertible with a few cute babies, this is not what I had imagined...
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