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Popular childhood nonsense rhyme. Spoof of the song of the same name from the Hindi film Jagriti (1954), which was originally intended to instill national pride into children in post-independance India.

The 1980's version was created by mischevious brats, who were euphoric after the iconic triumph of the Indian Cricket team at the World Cup in 1982. The fierce rivalry between the two cricket mad nations of India and Pakistan is clearly visible in the reference to Kapil Dev(Indian Team) and Imran Khan(Pakistani Team). Long after the victorious cries of the masses had died down, the silly song stubbornly survived in Naarth Indian schools, passed on by each generation of school kids to the next, and entertained them all during a boring ride in the school bus.

Spoof was always sung in the same tune as the original.


"Aao bachchon tumhe dikhayen
jhanki Hindustan ki,
Kapil Dev ne chhakka maara,
pant phatti Imran ki.

Vande Matrammmm!
Vande Matrammmm!"


"Come kids we'll show you
a glimpse of India
Kapil Dev hit a sixer
and Imran split his pants.

Praise the motherland!
Praise the motherland!"

Some versions of the spoof continued with ridiculous phrases, like :

"Ice cream hai garammmm
pathhar hai narammm" etc

Kids those days would laugh heartily at just about anything. It was a simpler time.

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