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basin bridge

\bay-sinn brij-ju\
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Phrase. October 26, 2011, Word of the Day


You are coming to Madras (now Chennai) from out of station. The train is already an hour late, and you are dying with that odd combination of excitement, anticipation and frustration. The train reaches Basin Bridge Junction, from where, if you crane your neck enough, you can see Chennai Central. But the train stops. For no apparent reason. For fifteen excruciating minutes.

"Basin Bridge" is used, therefore, as a phrase to describe jobs/activities/projects that are almost done, but get stuck unnecessarily at the last hurdle.


"Subramanian's alliance got confirmed aa?"
"The horoscopes have matched, the girl and boy met, it became arranged-cum-love, the astrologer has found a suitable date, but now it's stopped in Basin Bridge."
"He has a green-card problem."
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