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He expertly picks you out of the crowd and moves you closer to the sanctum sanctorum where you and your wife, clad in your jeans and Lacoste t-shirts wonder how he managed to spot you amongst the saree-clad throngs.

You spend your extra two minutes and even as you start heading for the exit, he is grabbing your nice white t-shirt with kumkum stained hands..

How much, you demand brusquely and he grins and says "heh heh give whatever makes you happy saar"...
and at the moment you realize with a sinking feeling that he has you by the lingam...
Lowball him and you will hear "what saar, Faarin brand dress and IT job and only 10 rupees'aa". The missus, now publicly humiliated will make sure you spend the next week sleeping on the sofa cum bed in the hall

Give him a 100 bucks and all you will remember about your trip was how the sekurty guy screwed you

what to do...what to do...Govindaaa..Gooovinda!!!


Him: Give whatever makes you happy saar
You (thinking): Giving you a nice thappad will make me happy, you bleddy useless fellow
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