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Imagine an enthu cutlet earnest teacher looking for a movie at a famous video rental place on Church Street. He is completely engrossed in making a choice between 'Gandhi and the Art of Meditation' and 'Was Hitler and Aryan? A treatise of the real reason behind WW Two". A rude interruption of uniformed men whose job is to catch adults checking out adult movies (go figure!) disturbs him. So the following conversation follows:
Uniformed Men: (picking out a science fiction movie with a lurid cover of woman with the interesting advantage of wearing her underwear outside of her stretch pants) And what is this movie about?
Man behind desk: Science fiction, Saar. Good movie, Saar.
Uniformed man: (not letting his mustache lose it's bristle) Humph. It is not-at-all looking like science to me.


Sathish: (who is the quintissential enthu-cutlet earnest principal) And why are you skulking behind those bushes, Arvind? It is not-at-all looking like science to me.
Arvind: (Eyes wide open, innocence glowing around him) I am revising mathematics, Mr. J.
Added 2011-09-24 by Bombat Iyer Mami