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This is a vernacular proverb that cautions you against giving somebody false hopes.

In the days of old, especially in the South of India, having an elephant tethered in your backyard was the ultimate mark of wealth and glory. Somewhat like owning a Bugatti Veyron today.

So if you want to untether that elephant & gift it to someone also, its okay. But giving them (false) hope? Nevver do like thatandall!

The Malayalam version is: aana koduthalum aasha kodukkaruthu!
And Kannada: Aane kotru aase kodbardu!!


Mom: I will send pittsa in your lunch dabba tomorrow Shreya!
Shreya *jumping up & down*: Yaaiiiiyaaiiiyippeeeeeyippeeyaaiiii!!

(She opens her dabba in school the next day & finds curd rice)

Shreya *in sad and defeated voice*: Ayyo mummy, Give elephant, but dont give hope!!

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