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Iconic children’s fiction writer who was born at the turn of the 20th century. She wrote some of the most memorable & heartwarming books I (and many of you, Im sure) have ever read. There are far too many of them to detail, but a few of her best-loved works are:

‘Noddy’-the little Toy taxi driver who endeared himself to our little hearts, along with his friends Bumpy Dog, Big Ears, Plod the Policeman, & the wicked goblins-Sly and Gobbo.

The ‘St. Clares’ & ‘Malory Towers’ series - telling somewhat similar stories, both St.Clares & Malory Towers introduced us to Darrell, Sally, Gwendoline, Alicia, & Pat & Isabel O’Sullivan, & gave us an insight into life at a girl’s Boarding School in England. Somewhere in between those pages, I learnt of lacrosse & midnight feasts; scones & crumpets; that the French roll their r’s somewhat differently from us; good manners & playing tricks; of Cornwall & an Irish lilt.

The Magic Faraway Tree-that grows right into the clouds & has characters like Moon Face, Saucepan Man, Silky & Dame Washalot living atop it. Oh the joy! 3 children, Jo, Bess & Fanny discover the tree in the woods nearby & you cannot IMAGINE the adventures they have with the Folk of The Faraway Tree, & visiting the Lands above it!!

The Famous Five- a great one for mysteries, Enid Blyton wrote several series of them; this one is easily the Big Daddy. The Famous Five is a group of 3 siblings Julian, Dick and Anne, their cousin Georgina, & her woof-woof-wonderful-big-shaggy-mongrel, Timmy. Together they solve some spine-chilling mysteries like ‘Five on Treasure Island’, ‘Five go To Smuggler’s Top’, ‘Five Run Away Together’ & many more.

The Five Find-Outers and Dog- Another of her mystery series ,The Five Find Outers are Fatty, Beth, Larry, Daisy & Pip, & their faithful terrier, Buster. They solve such unsolvable mysteries as ‘The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage’ & ‘The Mystery of the Strange Bundle’ & that of ‘Banshee Towers’. My favourite character in this series was Mr. Goon, the ridiculous policeman; his vocabulary included gems such as ‘Clear orf’ & ‘Gah!’. Which leads me to believe that if there was a Samosapedia in Enid Blyton’s England, Goon would cent percent be it’s first samosapedian.

Another mystery to these mysteries is that these little detectives somehow managed to find them exactly at the start of their holidays from boarding school, & had them all solved & tied up in a bow by the time the hols had finished!!

The Secret Seven – was a secret society of 7 children (whose names I don’t remember); they also solved exciting mysteries in their club house, with fruitful discussions over tall glasses of lemonade. The club house had a password that changed regularly; if a member of the 7 forgot the password, entry was denied. Amazing.

Among others, there’s a series on ‘Mr. Galliano’s Circus’, about ‘Mr. Twiddle’ and the delightful ‘Mr. Pink Whistle’. In her rich imagination, elves, goblins, toys, golliwogs, fairies & gnomes came to life & behaved much like real people do.

Enid single handedly wrote her way into our hearts & softly scattered her magical brand of pixie-glitter into our childhoods. Generations of children have, through her warm, captivating, funny pages, developed a deep & lifelong love for reading…

We heart you forever, Enid Blyton.


Bring out an old Enid Blyton, parcel one kati roll from Mac fast, curl up on the couch & read, I say!!
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