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Not one half of a jazz quartet.

Two of the most mispronounced words in our colourful land, doing jugalbandi in a term that connotes shamelessness, lack of moral fibre, an excess of gore (usually of the Kissan tomato ketchup variety) and all round titillation. When applied to summarise a new flick that's just been released, it practically guarantees box office success.

The direct opposite of Bengali art cinema shot in low light with a hand held camera and method actors.


Dev: Hey, what an enthu cutlet you are. Went off for first day first show of that new Porki Talkies fillim itsimms! How it was?
Shyam: Full paisa vasool. So much sax and voilins means bastard child of Debbie Does Dallas and Kill Bill. What's not to lau?
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