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Bangalore Development Authority.

It indeed developed and continues to develop and enrich thousands of officials, land mafia members, politicians, real estate Czars, while also allotting sites to the junta.

A position in BDA is a golden opportunity, what with the way and speed of growth of the former garden city.

BDA is one of the most perfectly balanced of all government bodies in the whole country. 50 that side 50 this side! See the usage space of the entry.


K K Murthy, a boisterous man and himself the chairman of BDA at the time, stirred a hornets nest when he remarked on a public platform thus: " 50% of all BDA employees are bribe takers"

The BDA employees struck work. The bribe takers and those who had not been bribe takers either because a few were honest and the rest held dry posts, all protested vehemently. The controversy grew and he was under pressure to take back his comments and apologize.

He did so thus: " I apologize for having said that 50% of BDA employees are bribe takers. Here and now, I correct myself, " he goes," 50% of BDA employees are NOT bribe takers."

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