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A genetic marker in the DNA of a Desi.
Attitude born out of an overpowering belief that ''Fixed Price" is something that can be really fixed.

What's wrong in asking? Even if the price asked is clearly impossible? He will give if will and he will not if he won't. No harm asking, naa?


I know you don't want to go shopping with me, but once I somehow get you into the store and start bargaining you act funny darling, really very funny. You hide behind in the next aisle. You go on humming an old song as if you are all alone and on the beach. You do not look me in the eye and behave as if you are a total stranger to me.

You act like you are sorry for the salesman for some unknown reason but somehow visibly a familiar pathos. You make a face as if you are in a hurry to empty your bowels or wanting the ground below to open up and swallow you. I don't understand you darling. I don't. Are you sick or something?

Don't I show understanding when, every time we are at the mall and you window-shop everything in the world and salivate at the maals the sales girls enticingly show us, the best of the stuff any male would love to have, and you always maintain that you never ever can get those stuff in your whole life. I know you want some of them but you can't afford. I am doing choukasi exactly for the same reason. Affordability, darling.

The difference is I try and you don't.

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