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Noun. July 2, 2011, Word of the Day


A combination of Orkut and Chutiya.

Orkut was a hugely popular social networking portal in India. Viewed by the socially lacking Indian youth as a combination of Facebook, mySpace and Sa(i)d men who pursue true ever-lasting love with their evergreen pickup line "Will you make friendship with me?"

Chutiya or chooth is the hindi word for fucker.

The word Orkutiya was made famous by @GulPanag, a keen Bollywood anthropologist who identified the species.

The male orkutiya is identified by the use of the aforementioned pickup line. We hear the usage of this pickup line is a pivotal part of a hazing ritual to gain acceptance into the community. Other identifying characteristics include display pictures of Salman Khan, Tom Cruise or a Kawasaki Ninja/Suzuki Hayabusa. Pictures of Rajanikanth could be used by wannabe orkutiyas.

The female of the species is best identified by the use of pictures of flowers, cute cuddly babies or Aishwarya Rai / Ayesha Takia as the display picture.


Hiren: "What do you think of this Google+ business?"

Cyrus: "I think its a good thing. I ran away to Facebook to avoid them Orkutiyas. But they followed me. So I guess I will seek peace at Google+ before they find me there."

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