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Hazrath Khwaja Garib Nawaz.
The shrine of Sheik Moinuddin Chisti aka. Garib Nawaz, the helper of the poor, the Sufi patron saint of Ajmer, Rajastan State, India.

You would notice auto rickshaws sporting the acronym HKGN (okay, abbreviation) across the country. The owner or the driver is a devotee of the Dargah of HKGN.

Let's say you go into the Dargah on the hottest day of the summer, not a drop of your sweat will fall to the ground!. There is no way of it reaching the ground because the place is always sooooo crowded and packed like cigarettes in a pack, even a dust particle wouldn't make it to the bottom.

You will notice that a sizable number of devotees at this dargah or any other dargah ( a dargah or darga is essentially a Sufi shrine) is Hindu.

It's a pity, Sufism did not run its full course. What with its universal brotherhood, concept of oneness with all existence and the almighty ( a form of advaitha, the monist philosophy ) and respect for life now and here and Quawali!


HKGN is probably the most popular Muslim piligrimage after Haj. There is one other famous Darga in Gulbarga, Karnataka it is called HKBN: Hazarath Khwaja Bande Nawaz.
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