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Derived from the Urdu original 'kharcha-e-paandan' which was like the allowance money (or pin money as the firnags called it) that was given to a wife marrying into a wealthy Muslim family. The literal translation would be 'money for the paandan (paandan is where you keep your gear to make paan), a politer way of saying allowance.
Over time the paandan got replaced by paani for some reason.
Modern usage can mean giving someone anything from a ghoos to a good thulping.


Karamchari - What saar, I did so much for you and koi kharcha paani nahi?
Saar - Take this 5 rupaiya and betichod get my work done!

Javed Jaffrey in I am Mumbhai - Abe aasmani kaboothar
balcony se nikal kar ishtol mein aa ishtol mein,
Khopche mein leke diyun kya kharcha paani huh?

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