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Literal translation: to have a pigeon's feather in one's ass
this colorful phrase is used for the enthu cutlets who instead of falling in line with the definition and doing all the work, expect you to be a enthu cutlet and well do a shit load of work and will not relent standing on your gaand and always "suggesting" better ways to do stuff(that they have no idea)

Applicable to bosses, managers, team leader and any other prick(or twat) that you can think of (including your wife,hubby, girlfraand or boyfraand)


Boss man: abe ye kela kuch jyaada sad lag raha hai isko 30% happy bana do(this banana is looking too sad..make it 30% happier)
Al Daad: Come to think of it Boss man is right....
Al Khujli: Jyaada gaand me teetar ka par ho raha hai tere bhosdeeke(having too much of pigeon's feathers in your ass you person from loose and destroyed vaginas)
Added 2011-09-05 by al khujli