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a phrase used to indirectly say 'its better you dont do anything'. used when someone runs out of patience explaining an action to another person.


AppaTalker1: Anna, tea poda sonneenga la, tea thool theenthu pochu. (Anna, you asked me to make tea right, tea leaves are over)
AppaTalker 2: Seri, appo paal achum kondu va. (Ok then atleast bring me some milk)
AppaTalker 1: Athu vanthu, paal kettu pochu. (Actually, milk has gone bad)
AppaTalker 2: Water??
AppaTalker 1: Keela kottitaen na. (I spilt it down na). Ippo enna panna? (Now what to do?)
AppaTalker 2: Aaniye pudunga venda.
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