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This used to be a noun (sung to the tune of Madonna's "This used to be my playground") but now it's a proper noun. This used to mean elder brother, now it is a political activist, a call to arms, an engraving in the constitution. Amazing.

How does he do it you ask? Well it is proven (by They That Prove Things) that caloric reduction is the surest answer to that age old question of longevity. Simply put: eat less, live longer. The Anna Hazere Diet Plan, as I recently heard someone call it (see how I side step blame so nicely?), but there is truth in it...

So, if he is the anna, then I am definitely the thambi. Why means, because about every other day simply I forget to eat for no reason whatsoever. Busy, distracted, lazy...

Then instead of taking corrective gastronomic measures, when I realize I'm starving I stand up for something righteous. Then and there. It is a distant hope that this mildly anachronistic hunger strike will do its part in making the world a better place.

Light-aa konjum activism...


Shanti: Hero, had dinner aa?
Swapna: Ayyo! Got caught up... completely forgot I say!
Shanti: Come come, we'll go have something close by
Swapna: Balls! Free Palenstine!!
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