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Humankind's first ever disposable anything whatsoever.

A feast is a feast if you were served the variegated fare on a 'banana leaf'.

It could be my grandfather's ceremony, it could be your ex's wedding to your cousin, it could be village temple's rathothsav.

Ayyappa devotees and Andhra style hotels wouldn't be what they are without the banana leaf, no matter how true they remain to the image projected.

The footpath hotels in smaller towns and messes in Tamilnadu use banana leaves to serve their food.

The banana leaves also turned into rectangular tumblers called donney (Kan) to fill your kheer, payasam, rasam, butter milk (more) and more!


Vottel vowner to server: "Hey maani, you dumb ass, put a banana leaf on top of the gentleman's plate! Can't you see he is an Ayyappa devotee?"
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