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mother sentiment

\Muh Dhur Send ee mend\
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A sub-genre of the Family Sentiment, it usually described movies that have a strong family values that especially appeal to mothers.

This is usually code for a movie being extremely maudlin, regressive and full of native superstition. Also a strong indicator for the teenage set that the movie has no redeeming paisa vasool features like rain songs or item songs or Katrina Kaif or a combination thereof


Actor (describing movie to local reporter) - This pitcher is very much full of Zoober mother sentiment saar.
I'm always beating my wife because she is calling me by my good name. She is always praying to Maa and because of it I get bad belly ache. Doctor shakes head, looks up and says "ab sub ooparvaala ke haat me hain"
So I wear loin cloth and I'm walking with my missus to Himalayas and also singing prayer song and I'm cured.

What? no, no Katrina Kaif. We are not getting Call Sheet

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