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ice pice

\Ice Pice\
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The "Eye Spies" game conveniently modified for Indian tongue muscles. sometimes pronounced as "ice boys".
The rules are as follows.
a) Pre-select the biggest loser by rigging sha-boo-three or inky-pinky-ponky
b) The loser now closes his/her eyes,faces the wall and counts to 10
c) The rest of the gang quietly stands right behind him.
d) When said loser opens eyes and turns, the gang thumps, err, touches him so that he has to close his eyes again
e) This goes on for about 2 hours till loser starts crying and runs to mommy


Mommy - Yendaa ippadi azharai, marubadiyum ice boysaa (Why are you bawling like this, did you play ice boys again?)
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