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Literally: "You'll die a dog's death." "Kutta" means dog; "maut" means death.

A form of death highly desired by villains of Hindi cinema. Uttered with total disgust and rage by the movie hero for the guy who either has raped his sister or kidnapped his girlfriend or simply kicked his ass while he was galloping with the heroine around some trees. Though the "Association of dogs against Dharm Paaji's dialogue" had complained to the film fraternity to restrain from uttering this phrase which the dogs haven't yet fathomed as to how indifferent can a dogs death be in comparison to other mortals, still Bollywood heroes keep saying it with impunity and utter disregard for man's best friend.


Rajinikant : leave the ladice I says.
Samba: shut up you baldy.
Rajnikant : if u don't then by the count of three, u shall be doomed to have a kutte ki maut with my hands...zuzubi...
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