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Tyash goru translated to English literally means 'sophisticated cow'. This phrase is reserved for the uber-cool city sleeks who are so removed from their roots that they might actually order cow dung cake in their next visit to a cafe if you tell them that you had one in 'Pahi' the other day. They can be found across the campuses and cafes aping all things west. They usually take immense pride in their inability to speak any vernacular and dissociate themselves from all things Indian.


Girl 1: So did you sort out all the arrangements with Deepa?
Girl 2: Nah not yet...
Girl 1: Why? You went to British Council Library with her yesterday no?
Girl 2: Yes and after library we went to the student's cafe. The moment we sat down tyash goru joined us. As always he made a full spectacle of himself and us along with him.
Girl 1: Yippee..this sounds like fun. Soms joined you?
Girl 2: Who else? He ordered for a dollop of butter and a pinch of salt with his black coffee, asked if they served peanut butter with cheese croissants. After his orders were refused sat down with a bottle of mineral water and his long-suffering expression. Lit up his foul smelling cigar and told us that these cafes were hopeless and we simply must try out these combinations.
Girl 1: Hahahaha and what did you discuss? His icon Hitler and the relevance of Swastika symbol I am sure...
Girl 2: I swear...we literally ran away after gulping down our scalding coffee. These tyash gorus should come with statutory warnings.
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