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A very significant fixture in a corporate or government office. Common daily attire among people working in offices are the trouser and shirt among men, and the salwar-kameez and sari among women. And most offices based in cities are cosmopolitan, consisting of people from across various Indian states, and hence across distinct cultures.

Traditional Day is a day designated for people to come in traditional attire from their home state, or specific culture of their choice. Usually it is connected to Independence Day, and may be observed on a day close to August 15. But this really is a matter of choice for the company management.

So on a typical Traditional Day in a corporate office in a city like Mumbai, the Bengali may wear a kurta and dhoti in Bangla style, a Maharashtrian might wear a saree and accessories in a particular Maharashtrian style, a Malayalee might wear a white shirt and mundu with gold borders. And so on.

Traditional Day is observed as a celebration of India's diverse culture, and is usually relaxed and an easy work day. Especially if you are somewhat uncomfortable with what you are wearing.

For many, it can be a pain in the ass.


To Whomsoever It May Concern

All employees are hereby notified that Saturday, August 11 will be celebrated as "Traditional Day". Kindly note that you are requested to attend office in "colour dress" as per your choice.

Per management
Atul Ranade

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