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TUMPA is an acronym for Typically Unsophisticated Midnapore People's Association. It refers to people from rustic/humble origins who fill up the urban spaces, especially colleges and work places, and are yet to learn the ways of the city. Their social faux pas and mishtakes provide invaluable entertainment to the onlookers.


Example 1:
Girl 1: Whaaat? You are in the best Engineering college of the state...and no boyfriend? I am stupid or what?
Girl 2: Areey yaar what to do...all TUMPAs from the middle of god knows where...they can't even look or speak to us without stammering and shaking and you are talking of romancing...waste waste...I tell you total waste...

Example 2:
Girl 1: Did I tell you about my dinner last week to Subodh's place?
Girl 2: Wow not bad...they invited you to dinner?
Girl 1: Yes...and the feast was good but know what? The whole family was dressed in matching floral print night suits to welcome us.
Girl 2: What??? Guess they were trying too hard again to shed their TUMPA tag.
Girl 1: Yes imagine...they wear matching night suits for dinner and we thought them to be TUMPAs... what were we thinking??!!

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