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Referring to Hindi (Indians) and Chini (Chinese) as brothers. This expression was in vogue when Zhou Enlai, the Chinese Premier at the time, visited India and Prime Minister Nehru in 1960. Crowds gathered on the streets to chant this enthusiastically, but things turned a little sour during the 1963 war with China.

Though there might be some political disagreement with this phrase, who cares? Eat your Gobi Manchurian with relish.


Chu Lee - 我不知道你是否已经意识到,但你的飞行是开放 (I dont know if you have realized but your fly is open!!)
Lalprasad - Aap jo bhi kaho magar hindi chini bhai bhai hi hai!! (Whatever you say, Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai).
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