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Adjust Madi or Swalpa Adjust Madi means "please adjust a little" or "please be a little flexible." It is a beautiful phrase that captures the inherent flexibility or need for flexibility in a big bustling cosmopolitan Indian city where one is constantly grappling with the very basic mechanics of everyday existence.

If there are no seats on a bus, you can "swalpa adjust madi" and a seat might magically appear. If you ride your TVS into a car, invoke the phrase and all will be well. No electricity for 3 days and your dog rambo is humping a cat in the dark? Swalpa Adjust Madi....


Priya: What the hell are you doing in God's name putting your stinky feet on my head? And Seat 5C is only for one person
Bunty: Swalpa Adjust Madi?
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