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An 8"X6" piece of old news paper.
Yes that's what you get for a paper napkin to wipe your hands and lips dry, once you have put some bisi bisi dosas at Vidyarthi Bhavan, or a chicken kabab in a dhaba, or omletes on the footpath.

You would notice, news paper pieces are used to pack and parcel pakoras and all hotel/restaurant food, to pick up dog poop, to wipe lather off shaving razors at the barber's shop, to sun-dry food stuff, to wipe the vehicle windshields, to lie down on railway platforms for the night and endless other purposes.

We Indians consider everything so precious we try to reuse/recycle all sorts of things. Max paisa vasool!


Kitty to the cleaner boy in the dhaba " Ley mari churu paper kodo, kai orusko beku"
( Hey kid, give me some paper, I want to wipe my hads.)
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