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Muh boli Behan-Someone who is not your sister but you proclaim she is..get the drift ?

Raksha bandhan is back folks and your muh boli behan will tie you a rakhee tomorrow.No, you are not going to college tomorrow for some obvious reasons and your padosan ki Beti(neighbors daughter)Pinky will tie you a Rakhee.And to make the situation more embarassing your mom and grandma will clap in the backdrop near the end of the event.

Yes,Pinki.A decade ago you used to make her climb the Guava tree just to get a peek of her pink unmentionable.You had all the hots for her and her mom had all the hate for you.Then things took a sharp turn after you both attained puberty.


*You looking in the mirror.
you:I love you pinky.
Your reflection :Arey woh toh teri muh boli behan hai!
Laughs hysterically*
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