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Noun. June 26, 2011, Word of the Day


Logonathan is a bugger. Logonathan is a goonda. Logonathan is, Logonathan does. Logonathan is everything you want to be in public, yet don't even dream of in private. He doesn't give time of day for your kakoos justifications of propriety. He's honest, kind, handsome, wheatish complexioned, US returned, comes from a good protective family, and he'll jack your happiness if you say otherwise!


Last night Logonathan came to me in my dreams and put tongue. This morning I woke up and there was pot of gold before picture of Lakshmi and young woman of traditional with modern outlook in kanjeevaram silk saree, katori blouse, and french chaddis in my bed. She said she is not interested in marriage. Jai Logonathan!
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