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One by two is not effectively explained in a samosa situation. It's most useful when you one by two a soup. That's when the true cheapness comes through as there is a likelihood that there is a decent pour in 2 bowls and you get a little extra in the bargain.


And we will get the sweetcorn soup one by two.
Added 2011-08-09 by Allakkai


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A corollary is "two by four" or even "two by three". Funny situtation - Three guys go to a chinese fast food joint and order "two by three" manchow soup. Suddenly one of them says to the server - "two by four kar dena". His friend asks "Whos the fourth one"? To which the guy says "Abey, theres no difference in 2 by 4 and 2 by 3. We will get extra soup. If you dont want, I will drink that. The third guy says "Chindi saala"

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