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'Congratulations on your Happy Birthday!' conveys what a mere 'Happy Birthday' cannot...that the sayer laus you to daath, is subtly showcase his amazing mastery over the English Language by putting in that big word in-between, jest cannot stand using less words when there are so many begging to be used...& (99.9%), he's one Naarth Indian.

Masters of over statement, us Indians. We just cant seem to let things BE. Subtlety is not our forte & its obvious everywhere. For instance, you wont find a single Bollywood pitcher that doesnt unravel & explain yeach and yevry joke. THAT'S oblibolly, if you ask me! 'Shree', a very respectful term by itself, is turned into 'Shree SHREE' to show the recipient just how deeeeep the respect is that we are conveying. That drishti-bottu (a small black spot that you put on a baby's cheek or forehead to ward off the evil eye) is SO big, there's more black bottu than soft little cheek. Ammoomma had very good intentions while applying it; she wanted to make sure that 'Evil' spotted it right from its home in Doddballapur, & didnt waste it's time coming all the way over. And exxetra, exxetra.

Dont think I'm one Nimhans case but I think it comes with the food. Extra ghee means extra lau, no? Same with extra words. It enhances the emosan.

Congratulations on your Happy Birthday, if it is!!


Dalli Boy: Congratulations on your Happy Birthday!
Bangloor Girl: thuh, go mane!
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