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\moh- hen- lal\
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Name of a very popular malayalam actor a.k.a Lalettan(ettan = older brother in malayalam) thus making him the universal elder brother of Kerala.
It is z(s)imple to physically be a Mohanlal. Stay away from the gym, grow a moustache, stuff your face with all the food and drink you can... and then with some more... and more and MORE for 365 days and voila! However the man is immensely talented and is the face of malayalam cinema. What is relatively unknown is that he is also the face of the average hindi speaking malayalee. Mohanlal starred in a recent remake of Sholay where he instructed his side kicks to capture a character called Babban by gurgling "Jaawo,Bebben ko pagado!!", jest like any other mellu would. Otherwise said as 'Jao,Babban ko pakdo' in hindi.

To qualify as a Mohanlal a South Indian studmuffin or kochukalli must : absolutely crap at Hindi or atleast speak it to a bare minimum that too with local accent
2. be ready to belt it to closest horizon if faced with a wonly Hindi speaking Gorka Bagadur or Chaukidhar
3. devour subtitles of KABC, KXYZ, KQRS and other acronymed hindi movies
4.avoid taking ricks/autos in Bihar as you fear hindi communication
5.strategically dodge questions involving terms like 'baigon bartha'(a dish with brinjal) as you are unsure if it is a dish, fruit, vegetable or even village in UP
6.all of the above


Hey Mona just speak to him in hindi man, I'm such a Mohanlal!
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