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Phrase. July 31, 2011, Word of the Day


Phrase used by traditional Indian girls to refer to the man that she has been seen eating cup ice-cream with, more than a couple of times, outside college or office. To be precise, if you implicate a parent-fearing, good Indian girl of spending too much time with a man, she will, with blushing indignation, protect her honor with these words. This brother might later blossom into a lover and they may have a Lau marriage... but this need not happen in all cases.

Sociological roots to this phrase could be the second line in the Indian Pledge which every Indian knows by-heart from school days- "All Indians are my brothers and sisters".


Maithri: These days you are getting too close to that Sunil, ehh?
Geeta: Chee! you can say this? He is like my brother only..
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