The definitive guide to South Asian lingo


lets play!
what you hau to do oooo, take a paper, then one pencil, okay aa?
now draw four straight lines, saray na?
one for naame, one for plaaace, one for animaaaal and one for thing!
now no, label it. In capitals you must write. Like this NAME
okay done aa?
saray, now force your friend to play. No re you can't play alone. So one of you gaiz no suddenly have to shout some random letter HECH! as soon as you hear HECH no you have to fast fast write off name of name, name of animal, name of place, name of something or other thing all starting with HECH, ardhamaindaa? full correct means full marks, half correct half marks, common means quarter and cut off half mark for spelling mistake. Ready aa?


HECH! calls out Parijatam, Kanakambaram starts scribbling furiously, she is first class first always
Name: Hitachi
Place: Honduras
Animal: Hyena
Thing: Halogen Lamp
Parijatam, you are picking words from somewhere only
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