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Phrase used by chaukidars in Delhi, bellowed loudly into the middle of the night. Translates to 'Stay awaaaaaaaaake', which is pretty counter-intuitive considering the whole area is full of snoring uncle-auntie-chunnumunnu's.

It is a way for the chaukidar to communicate to all the residents (should any be awake) that he is indeed on duty and not snoring in his chair under the tree the whole night, as the meddling Mr. Yadav had pointed out a few days earlier, idiot fellow.


*Chaukidar starts his nightly round. Takes a swig of daru, clears his throat and lets it rip as he walks about*

"JAAGTE RAHOOOOOOOOOO" ... clip clop clip clop .... "JAAGTE RAHOOOOOOOOOO" .... Clip Clop ...swig from daru bottle ... clip clop ...

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