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"Scheduled caste Scheduled tribe". A person belonging to a scheduled case or scheduled tribe,. This term can be used in either descriptive form or in derogatory form. Tone, intonation and volume play an important part in the expression of this word.
Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes ("ST"s) are Indian population groupings that are recognized by the Constitution of India, previously called the "depressed classes" by the British. SCs/STs together comprise over 24% of India's population.


Champu: Man, its so hard to get into medical college these days, especially with reservation for all those SCST's.
Pinky: Well, that's what the SCST's have been saying for years before reservation, except they didn't have reservation then and were discriminated against.
Champu: Would you like to be treated by an SCST doctor? HUH? Thye only need 50 percent marks to get into medical college!
Pinky: I am a "SCST" and a brain surgeon too, old chap. Now lie back and chill while the anesthesia takes effect in about 5 seconds.

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