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Running and Catching with a dramatic twist, where distressed runners can "lock" themselves into position to prevent being tagged out. The required body language is as follows: You stop running, place your hand on top of your head, shout "Lock!" and squat down in place.

You must then freeze there on pain of death or worse until other dashing runners sneak up and give you "key" (mustinshould make physical contact) upon which you can move about the countryside again. The notion is that you put yourself at risk when you make a valiant attempt to save a compatriot runner. In reality these locks are keyed free with surprising regularity and the few chasers are left scrambling about in frustration.

Once the catchers (chasers) have forced all runners into a locked positions, the game is called and the sides switch, unless someone says "Bugger this da, let's go play cricket". Who become the gallant runners and who the vile and sorry chasers? How shall we decide? Put claps of course!


Vietcong General (with rifle): "Oy! Everyone front and center, I got the scum cornered!"
Balaji (cowering behind a large leaf vine): "Lock!"
Charlie: Shit saar, fellow has put lock...
VC General (kolting him): Then give him key you duffer!
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