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Grapefruit! I lau it too much! "Bablimas"... say it again, let it roll off your tongue, let the heart warming recognition that you're saying "bubbly mass" register on your palette. Now swirl it around, spit it out, smack your lips like you're an American sextagenerian tasting the latest microbrews, and say it one more time: "Bablimas"... aaaaah! And yes, it's a grapefruit.


Sharada: Shubha, wake up! We are supposed to go to Military Uncle's house for breakfast today! Specially he has called because Laila is visiting.
Shubha: Ayyo, it is 6 o'clock ma! Let me sleep, pllleeease!!
Sharada: Fine, you stay here and eat adai and vellam or bloody semia uppuma, I am going for eggs and bacon and toast to Military Uncle's 'ouse. He would have kept bablimas also!!
Shubha: Bablimas aa? Ssss..... yummm only, with sugar and all sprinkled. Wait wait, I am coming.
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