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Exclamation. August 25, 2011, Word of the Day


This famous exclamation comes from Tamil and is the verbal manifestation of a gasp. It is extensively used in moments of shock, surprise and sometimes admiration. It is slipped with ease into colloquial English as well and is universally understood in South India.


Example 1.
Vijay: What's up da?? How was the interview yesterday?
Karthik: I got the job da! And the pay is pretty good too; 8 Lakhs per annum.
Vijay: Ushoo yes-aa?? Awesome buggar, we need to celebrate!

Example 2.
Manju: Hey you know that girl Ankita in my class? She is getting married to some firang next month!
Neha: Ushoo!! Really?? I would have never imagined..she looks so paavum!
Manju: I know! And apparently he proposed with a damn sexy ring. Sounds like some super hep fellow.

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