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Anglo-Indian. A member of a group possessing a distinctive subculture whose characteristics are that all its members are Christian, speak English, wear European clothes, have substantially European dietary habits though addicted to the fairly lavish use of spices, and speak with a rather distinctive accent and turn of phrase. (Kindly refer to W.T. Roy's book, Hostages to Fortune, for full and crect definition.)

I will tell off how they came to be called DINGOES. The tale makes sense only if spelt phonetically. It is the truth, the whole truth and nething but the truth, chile. And my apologies to any Anglo-Indian who takes umbridge. No need, men. Here is der story:

Way back in the seventies, Jeffry and Aather were 'aving an argment, chile. Over 'oo went off back 'ome to Englan afterr the bledgy war, men. Dey agreed to disagree bout oo went and oo stayed, but I know ow it 'appened. See chile, all d'anglos were given a choice by de indian guvment. Go off 'ome, or stay 'ere an live with the bledgy natives. Dat time, the Peters, der Thompsons, the Burbys, der Moores an der Kirkbys all went off to live with dare kith and kin back 'ome. All the duffers like us, din go. Der Whites din go. Der Michaels also din go. Jefrey and Arther and me and all our whole bledgy families dingo, men. So now here we all are, and all the natives started calling us dingoes, men, jus becos we din go back 'ome like all the udders. Bugger dem yaa. We're a minorty group so we got SPECIAL status and never mind dem calling us dingoes! Sticks and stones, chile, sticks and stones...


Ravi: See those girls, machaa...paati will appove, so fair and lauly they are, no?
Arvind: Aiyo no, not fair, white, ra. Paati will DIE, i know them they are the Michael sisters... see their hair, its brown and the eyes are blue... they are dingoes from KGF.
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