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vaat, you don't know aa?
100% you are ABCD, right aa? see! how I know!!
In Indiaaaa, we do too much studying. So many people no, we have to fight like rats in the race. Best help is from Keys. Sometimes bribes also. Stealing answer paper or threatening teacher, ess ess aal that. *head nod* kaani bestest help no is to baTTi, please be to say T like Ticket collector on Train to Tirupati.
Andhra baais are wery good aan, they baTTify fast fast and see, so many now no in IIT, tchaa, simply Bangalore bais will be in pub gib and aal. Waste Fellows!
This is bad influence no from chillar Naarth Indians? yes aa no aa?
agree no? They are coming coming to Bangalore and spoiling our culture. Our culture is to By Heart everything BY HEART.
Aalso we call 'Learrun by rot', ess ess rote vunly.


lionel: come play cricket no raja
raja: no re, i have to baTTify all this or no Mirchi Bajji amma said
(not possible dude, have to by heartfy all this or no Chilli Tempura said so my mother)
orai again baTTi aaa? tchaa nee life waste raaa....
(hey you guy, by hearting aa? tchaa your life is a waste dude...)
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