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The act of showing off, anything that one (usually a guy) might own and is expensive. Also done in case of non material things like chaud, power, popolarity, body, contacts.
College boys can be seeing driving slowly with full tushion, with the woofer turned up and tinted windows. Also sitting at the canteen and dropping names of eminent people of the city.
The person doing so is known as a Fukra and is usually a loser as he is doing all of this due to his dad being rich or a VIP or both. This guy never really gets any and does Fukri to compensate for his small lulu.


Pinky- Oye Champak, tune Rajesh ki new skoda dekhi. Mujhe toh ride pe bhi leke gaya tha
(insecure)Champak- Hmpf, fukra hai sala. Baap ke dum pe jeeta hai
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North India



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