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It's a sound on Indian TV.
So by mistake you switch to a "serial" on TV expect this sound to maaro goli your ears repeatedly. Apparently when something dramatic is happening there is a need to pan to every characters face in the story and play this sound while they "act".
Very much loved.
Can be used when you want to bring drama in to your mundane boring gay real life.


Anal Bondhopadyay - Sorry Sags, I don't think I can live with you anymore. You are just boring and sad. You bring no joy and just carry around a sense of misery and dullness about you.

Shagorika Kundoo - Hey, I'm cool man. I know you are bedding that 60 years old maid. I'm anyways in love with the newspaper-wallah and we are moving in together.

(In the background)
Paneerselvam - DHIISHH!!!

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