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This phrase was quite common after Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon" became popular.
It is used to describe skinny, malnourished, underweight people who think they can fight like Bruce Lee, after going to a few martial arts classes.

The phrase "choose lee" means "sucked it" in hindi.


The first time I heard this phrase was from a rickshaw puller - there was a street fight going on and a Choose Lee type let out blood-curdling shriek and at the same time aimed a full-blooded round-house karate kick at his opponent. The other guy calmly stepped back and dodged the kick. Choose Lee, his body weight unable to counter- balance the centrifugal force generated by his kick, fell on his back and hit his head on the road and knocked himself out silly!
And, the rickshaw puller said, "Bruce Lee ko to aap logon ne filmon me dekha hoga... ab inse miliye, unke chhote bhai Choose Lee!"
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