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So.... you are driving in Dilli, being as porki as you can be, singing along to your favorite Big Babby Gandhi track. Then suddenly the traffic stops for like 47 minutes, is it an accident? has there been a new rape case? is it VVIP movement? Is NaMo in town? Has RaGa finally come out of the closss?
No Madam you are wrong. It is just the Dilli Pullise barricading the fuck out of your streets.


Paneerselvam - Fuck the dilli police!!!!! motherfuckers. fuckers who would prostitute their motherfucking mothers for 50 bucks or even suck a cock for like 23 rupees, fucking fuckers creating a fucking traffic jam!

Delhi Police - "True we slow you down, but we try not to let criminals slip by"

Paneerselvam - Ohhh okk.. Fine then I will reach home around 11:23 PM while you suck cock Dilli pullice.

Added 2013-08-02 by Mildly Racist