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On Indian news television channels, the shows are rigidly structured for one hour or half an hour formats. So when the time is up it doesn't matter if you are in the middle of a sentence, they will cut you off, mute your mic or just outshout you with this phrase.
Sri Arnab Goswami on the other hand does not follow the hour or half an hour formats, but still uses this phrase along with no no no no no no no no no if he does not like what you are saying.


Panelist - Sir, but I would like to point out that former cabinet ministers of his government have been indicted by the courts for their roles in the Gujarat riots. Tehelka did an expose where the khaki half pant wearing people accepted how the state administration helped them in the riots. That is why Mr. Narendra.....

Repoter - I'm sorry, we are completely out of time.

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