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\joe-lah wah-lah\
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A jholawala is someone who walks around with a jhola, which is a type of cloth bag, and exudes an air of artistic and literary erudition, with a distinct "son or daughter of the soil" vibe. This might include dressing up in a Kurtha Pyjama or at least wearing a kurtha shirt over jeans, along with sandals. The jhola itself may vary in look, feel, colour pattern, and size, ranging from Tibetan themes to the use of khadi.

A jholawala may be a JNU type, or, at best, a mystic; a JNU type is very likely to be a jholawala.


That Arun is such a jholawala, man, riding a bicycle and expounding views on Satyajit Ray's films. What does he have in his jhola, anyway? Hopefully, it contains a real life.
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