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Bhangram style

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The most viral dance of the internets first got Introduced into the Indian mind space when Sri Chris Gayle did it to celebrate catches and wickets in the IPL much to the confusion of the aam admi and the Indian commentators such as the newly haired Sri Harsha Bhogle, all fo whome initially struggled to pronounce or explain what was happening.
Soon enough people got wiser and now everybody was expected to do the Gangnam dance everytime, especially the West Indian cricketers.
Sri Harbhajan Singh (who by the way slapped Sri Srisanth much before he took money for fixing matches) took it and made it his own, wildly gesticulating and violently attempting to dance the gangnam style while his body refused to cooperate and insisted on doing bhangra.
The end result, the Bhangnam Style.


Harsha Bhogle - There he goes again! that Chris Gayle, celebrating the wicket with his trademark gangnam style dance. This Caribbean flavour really lightens up this IPL, isn't it?

Daren Ganga - Well, Harsha! I have to say, Bhajis version the bhangnam style has made doing the gangnam style shameful, self-degrading and embarrassing.

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