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For many Indians, after spending several grueling years in Tuitions and IIT-JEE classes, success = getting on an Air India plane and going to Amreeka or the Gelf only to earn money and send it back to their loving ammas who will proudly say "from where to where" my little beta has gone. This proclamation of maternal pride is typically made over some hot celebratory gajar ka halwa!

Historically, usurious companies like Western Union, MoneyGram and/or banks would help with the movement of this money; oftentimes charging exorbitant prices. The money would also arrive on IST.

Xoom is a disruptive cross-border money transfer or remittances company that makes it fast and cheap for Indians abroad to send money to India. They are have gained so much traction that they now have Big B dressed up in a blue velvet jacket, supporting the brand.


"I recommend Xoom" - Amitabh Bachchan
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